The Innovation Days program is divided into five sector-specific initiatives in five strategic areas of the United States starting June 2018 to January 2019 with on-site visits and meetings. 

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June 2018

Focus sector: Automotive and Advanced Manufacturing.

The kick-off event for Innovation Days begins with a day long conference dedicated to the presentations of Italian Competence Center projects (as identified by Italy's National Industry 4.0 Plan), companies, and research organizations of the Italian National Technological Cluster. Informational
 meetings, in-depth analysis for companies, and the participation of both Italian (including the National Technological Cluster) and American research organizations. The event then concludes with B2B meetings and company visits in the areas of Detroit, Chicago and Rockford, IL.

NNMI - Manufacturing USA, A3 Association for Advancing Automation, Automation Alley and other US regional bodies


October 2018

Focus Sector: Startups On the occasion of participation in Launch Festival, ICT Startup sector / Investments: presentation of Italian and Californian speakers (incubators, accelerators, research and innovation centers, VC funds); "Investors arena", pitch of Italian startups; networking event; guided tours to local accelerators; training sessions.

"500 Startups" Global Silicon Valley / GSVLabs, Silcon Valley Forum and Plug and Play 


November 2018

Focus Sector: Aerospace Along side ITA participation in SpaceComExpo, the Aerospace commerce conference and exposition, ITA - Houston presents a symposium of Italian speakers delivering insights on specialized technologies and featuring speakers from NASA, GHP, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and SpaceX. The Houston Innovation Days is combined with the common exhibition space dedicated to advanced manufacturing / aerospace / maritime, and robotics at the fair.

Nasa, GHP, Boeing, Houston Airports, Spacecomexpo, Spaceport


December 2018

Focus Sector: Renewable Energy In addition to ITA - Miami participation in Power-Gen, the Renewable Energies sector show. The ITA will organize a presentation on US renewable energy solutions and energy policies. The presentation will also showcase Italian participants of the main Smart Cities and Smart Energy projects.



January 2019

Focus Sector: Biotech and Life Sciences In conjunction with the JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference, Biotechnology and Life Science sector, the ITA will present US companies and their Italian counterparts with B2B meetings and a networking event to follow.

JP Morgan


date to be defined

The event aims to strengthen a stable information network of subjects involved in the research system, teachers, operators / scientific staff. The plenary session will have a focus on bilateral investments (objective: strengthening Italian presence at SelectUSA) and on the rooting of Italian companies in the USA, with a strong bilateral / institutional focus.

AmCham, US Dept. of Commerce, NAMM National Science Foundation, NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology