Who should attend?


Companies, both traders and manufacturers, and research centers are strongly encouraged to browse the Italian participants’ profiles, paying special attention to their interest and to the purpose of their presence at the Innovation Days.

Why attend?


Materials, machines, processes, such as additive manufacturing, and of course vehicles are constantly being innovated. It is imperative to keep up with the newest trends to maintain one’s competitiveness in the global marketplace. That’s why the Detroit Conference is a must-attend event!

Keynote presentations and panels

Italian and USA Panelists from leading universities, associations and industry will bring to you an overview on current issues, in particular when it comes to the production and the use of innovation in manufacturing, and technological solutions. Leading industry representatives will share insights on current and future stages of the Italian automotive inbound, outbound and service parts sector.

Connect with industry peers

Expand existing relationships and build new ones with industry peers, suppliers and research centers. Consult with industry experts before making decisions. See our Testimonial page (under construction) to spot some outstanding participants.

Enjoy and take a break with our networking sessions

What’s a conference if you can’t network? Just a series of lectures. But rest assured: at the Detroit Conference you’ll be able to network and exchange ideas with leading Italian and USA companies, institutions and research centers who are game changers in the automotive and advanced manufacturing sectors.

Get down to business with custom B2B, B2A and B2G meetings

USA participants can ask for an appointment with Italian delegates, indicating where and whom they would like to meet: simply click on the counterpart’s name in the registration form. Appointments of a pre-defined duration will be set up by ITA between Italian and USA participants according to their choice. You will receive all necessary information to follow-up on your first contact.

Please keep visiting this website as the number of Italian participants might increase over time.

Click HERE to register by JUNE 18, 2018

Participation is complimentary but space is limited.

Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of participants.